Portfolio Reflection

While developing my portfolio I wanted to change the whole theme of my blog. My first theme was boring and really wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted a theme that represented something I had interest in. I even added a header picture to the blog to give it more creativity. I also wanted a theme that looked cleaner and had more simple widgets and links. I chose to use y documentary for the portfolio because I believe it is my best work out of all my major projects. The informal writing piece that I choice was a homework assignment for my Global Society class. I chose it because I received my highest grade on that paper out of all my assignments in that class. When revising my blog post I tried to give more of my insight to the post instead of just giving information. I added my own opinion and thoughts to the post to try and make it more interesting. I added any new information that I may have found out about a certain post or any updates about the outcome. This semester I learned that as a writer I create my best work when its something that interest that and me I can relate to. I learned to go more in depth with my writings because at first my writings were real plain and blunt, so I learned to do little things like giving reasons or explaining certain things in my writing instead of leaving it up to the reader to try and figure out why.

Portfolio Reflection (Download Link)


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