Informal Writing

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Global Society Writing Piece

What changes did the Age Revolution and Industrialization bring the West?

The English were the first in the world to experience the benefits of industrialization. By the 1760s, new mechanical devices were transforming the textile industry, and by the early 1800s, machines driven by steam engines were producing not just textiles but also a wide variety of other industrial goods. England’s early industrial lead had multiple causes. It lead to an abundant labor supply, strong domestic and overseas markets, plentiful capital, a sound banking system, good transportation, rich coal deposits, a stable government, a favorable business climate, and, finally, a series of inventions that first transformed the textile. During the nineteenth century industrialization spread from England to Europe, the United States, and Japan, and in the process changed considerably. The last three decades of the nineteenth century saw the appearance of larger forms of business organization such as corporations, monopolies, and cartels; the growing importance of finance capital, the introduction of petroleum and electricity as energy sources, and, most important, the application of new technologies, especially in chemistry, to thousands of industrial processes. With industrialization largely limited to Europe and the United States, the West’s economic rise was guaranteed. As Western businesses marketed their products throughout the world and as Western investors took control of the world’s railroads, oil wells, mines, and factories, Europe and the United States established unmatched dominion over the world’s wealth and resources. Industrialization had its ugly side, however. Social dislocation, overcrowded cities, inadequate housing, worker exploitation. child labor, new extremes of wealth and poverty, political conflict, and Pollution were some of the costs that accompanied the transition from an agrarian to industrial society.


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