About Me


I am Francis Martin and this my wordpresss for English Co position 1000c. I am a freshman at St. johns University and a communications major. I am originally from East Atlanta, Georgia and have lived there my whole life. I love music, sports, fashion, architecture, history, movies, math etc. I don’t like to sleep because i believe if i do i will miss out on something and i like to stay active at all times. I enjoy learning anything i can because i love knowing things. Its hard for me to focus and give my full attention whenever I’m doing something I’m not interested in. My favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat and my favorite baseball team is the atlanta braves. I really don’t too much like the day time, i much rather do everything at night. I usually don’t put in my opinion on anything unless i’m sure about what i’m talking about. My family is real big on sports, i have played sports like baseball, football, basketball, etc. my whole life. My friends are a big part of my life, i’ve really had the same people with me since i was in the 5th grade which is rare. I love art and i plan on getting a few tattoos once i figure out everything that i want. I am african-american but i do have white and Cherokee in my family. I hope to be able to move in live in Los Angeles one day.I enjoy history mainly because thats what my grandparents taught me about when i was young. My grandmother works for the government and my grandfather was in the navy seal for most of his life so they always talk history. I was born at West Paces Medical Center in Atlanta, GA. I was 7 1/2 pounds when i was born and i first walked when i was 11 months. My dad was in the CBA so i traveled a lot and by the way, my first word was “cheese”.


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