Barack Obama has been doing a good amount of radio interviews lately, and a DJ finally asked him the question that many rap fans wanted to know. “What do the president and Jay-Z talk about?” In a interview with Cleveland’s z107.9, Obama said he gives the rapper a bit of advice on the parenting front. “I made sure that Jay-Z was helping Beyonce out [with the baby],” he said. “And not leaving it all with mom and the mother-in-law.” Jay-Z and Beyonce recently had their first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Obama and Beyonce and Jay-Z’s friendship has been getting a lot of attention lately. They hosted a fundraiser at the 40/40 Club and Jay appeared in a new campaign video. In the new ad, Jay describes Obama as a important symbol of hope. The rapper’s dialogue is combined with footage from the Made In America festival, where the president introduced Jay in a video and said the rapper and businessman is a prime example of the American dream.

“I’ve gotten to know these guys over the first several years,” Obama said . “They’re good people. They’re down to earth. Beyonce could not be sweeter to Michelle and the girls. So they’re good friends. They really are down-to-earth folks. We talk about the same things I talk about with all my friends.” The president also said he prefers Jay-Z’s “My First Song” over “99 Problems,” because the track reminds him “to always stay hungry,” which was the same reason i chose to use the song in my mix tape.

Obama On Jay-Z & Beyoncé Fundraiser

By francismartin300

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