Chief Keef keeps doing things that the law doesn’t like. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the teenage rapper, born Keith Cozart, could face jail time for violating a probation order that stipulates he must not have any guns or illegal drugs or associate with gang members. Keef was placed on 18-month probation for pointing a gun at an officer. Prosecutors are referencing a freestyle session the Chi-Town MC did with Pitchfork at a gun range holding and firing weapons, as fuel to revoke the 17-year old’s probation and send the young spitter back to jail. Last month, the website apologized and pulled the episode, which was part of their “Selector” web series, citing the genocidal gang-violence currently crippling Chicago’s youth. “Given recent news regarding the shooting of Chicago rapper Lil Jojo and the investigation of people involved in Chicago’s rap scene, this seems like the right time to express our regrets regarding that episode,” reads part of the retraction penned by the outlet’s editor-in-chief Mark Richardson. “We apologize for this mistake and have removed the video from our archives.” Chief Keef seems to be drawn to controversy. Most recently, the Interscope Records artist feuded with Lupe Fiasco after the conscious MC took to the Baltimore airwaves to cite his concern with the direction of the youngster’s music.

Chief Keef going back to jail?

By francismartin300

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