Online Life

When i’m online i mainly listen to new music and videos on sites like and I rarely ever use Facebook but i use twitter everyday. I use twitter to communicate with my friends back home and to stay in touch with people i don’t contact every day through my phone. I also look at fashion blog a lot to find new styles, new clothes, and trying to get ahead on trend and things of that nature. The bad news is that they’re not getting big numbers of new users, Olds said. But the good news is that their existing and sizable set of users are using Twitter much more. Given the choice, I think Twitter would rather have a smaller number of highly committed users rather than a larger number of folks who sign up, but then barely use the service. I think advertisers would also agree.

In the old days, if you were shy, you might sit to the side of the crowd and smile politely, hoping someone would include you. These days, those with social timidity will bury their noses in their mobile devices. I saw photographs of my gathering after the fact showing that a very prominent social media “guru” spent the entire time texting. Not on the periphery of the group, or in the hallway, but smack dab in the middle of the entire group. Granted, this person could have been tweeting about the event, but the first impression I have is one of being anti-social.

I also have mixed feelings about the impact of social communications in the realm of public speaking. As an attendee at conferences I love tweeting quotes I hear from speakers, to share their wisdoms with my followers. But as a speaker myself, I have yet to experience the dreaded “Tops of Heads Syndrome.” There are a lot of public speakers who have been sent into tailspins trying to adjust to speaking to an audience whose faces are obstructed by their laptops or who are so busy on their phones that the speaker can only see the tops of their heads, instead of their eyes and face. How disconcerting that must be.

By francismartin300